Rare Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Buy rare, Hallmark ornaments here!

Rare Hallmark Ornaments

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Odd But Rare

Below are odd but rare things for sale.

I dug this meteor up in a dry creek bed east of Prescott Arizona in the late 90s while gold prospecting. It was the most exciting find I've ever had. It comes from the giant Barringer meteorite crater, which, as the crow flies, is somewhere around 17 miles NE of where I found it.

It weighs a lot, about the size of a hardball and is pock-marked like you might think all meteors would be. But don't be fooled, many don't look anything at all like it. I took my space rock to the University of Arizona and some teacher there offered to buy it from me, but I turned him down.

It weighs a lot! I estimate it at somewhere north of two pounds. I am asking $1,000 firm for it. I will even supply a letter detailing where I dug it up.

Three pictures of my meteor: Top Meteor    | Bottom Meteor    | Side Meteor

Old, Rare Stock Certificates

Like books, I also collected old stock certificates over the years. These are mostly mining stocks, but there are some from the Civil War era, one in particular is very rare - a Civil War bond from New York.